What options will you have in the fall of 2020? Part II

Part II—May I choose to defer the admission?

There are so many tests on us in 2020. We must be careful of COVID-19 and think about enroll to the university. You have several options at once, which makes us all worry about the difficulty of choosing.

Last week we introduced the situation of choosing “on-site courses” and “online courses” and the difficulties we may face. Today I will finish the topic-“defer enrollment”.

* Defer is not an easy option
Choosing “defer enrollment” is not an easy task, please remember that you must apply for the defer enrollment to the university in advance!

1. Submit the application form online before the deadline set by the university
2. The university confirms that your application form was submitted successfully
3. Provide the reason for applying for defer to the school’s Academic Registration Office online and what you plan to do during the defer period
4. School Academic Registration Office will comprehensively evaluate your situation based on your application and reasons
5. The school’s Academic Registration Office sends you a defer confirmation or rejection letter based on the evaluation results.

Remind! Each university will have different procedures and regulations for defer application. Therefore, you MUST be fully prepared before taking the first step. Because once the Registration Office rejects your defer application, you either to continue your studies or drop out of the university.

* Study discontinue period
Under special circumstances, if you choose to defer enrollment for personal reasons, I totally understand it. But when you choose this option, please calmly and rationally think about the half-year or even one-year study discontinue period (some universities only provide one year defer enrollment), how do you deal with your study?
As we know, learning is an inertial and gradual thing, especially language learning. Once you stop studying, you lose the systematic study habits and the inertia of brain learning. If you want to restart to study in a short time, you will face great challenges and difficulties.

* Time management challenges
After getting the confirmation letter of defer enrollment from the university, can we just sit back and relax? Or playing video games day and night? Or get up at noon and go to bed at 3 am? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! To prevent the study-discontinue next year from the defer enrollment, you need to give yourself a reasonable time management plan.
1. Set the right goals
2. Set priority
3. Set the time limit
4. Set breaks between tasks
5. Systematic time management
6. Delete unimportant tasks
7. Plan ahead

Anyway, we are waiting for you here~
In the past two weeks, we have analyzed and shared the special problems we will face in 2020. Although this year will be very difficult, I believe that everyone will grow in difficulties!

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