What options will you have in the fall of 2020? Part I

There are so many challenges for us in 2020. We have to fight for COVID-19 and think about enroll to the university. It is so hard to make decision currently.

•Regular enrollment?
•Online courses?
•Or… just apply for defer enrollment?

Each choice will have a different impact on your life, especially those who believe time values the most. All I can do is company with you and tell you what you will be faced under each choice.

• Regular enrollment, as you wish?

1. Sudden decrease in preparation time
In today’s special period, many institutions and universities choose to work at home, or just stop working, which cause the working efficient much slower. As the most of universities change to work online, problems, which could be solved by the phone in the past, become slower by email for several days, making us anxious. Even the U.S. embassy is still not returning to normal, which creates a more urgent situation for everyone in “regular enrollment” to prepare for Visa, flight tickets, airport pick-up, etc.

2. Zero error challenge
Time-critical preparations bring not only high-intensity schedule management challenges, but also zero tolerance for mistakes! For example, in the past, if you haven’t gotten the Visa at the first time, you can come again quickly. Choose school A and then change your mind and change to a new Visa. However, the current situation does not allow us to be so willful.
According to the current situation of Visa appointments of the US embassies and consulates, if any mistakes occurs, or you want to reschedule appointment, you may not be able to keep up with the start date or the flight ticket is not available.
Therefore, when doing all the preparations before enrolling the university, you must be foolproof and challenge yourself with zero errors!

• Online courses, three challenges

1. Time differences
The main difficulty in choosing online lessons at home is time differences. The universities and the professors are in the United States. The curriculum and coursework are all based on American time. In this way, if you are in China, you will probably start class at 9 p.m. and go to bed at 2 or 3 am. Even quizzes and exams might be taken in the early morning hours. Such a course arrangement has brought great challenges to Chinese students.

2. Internet problem
Sign, this is an old question. American universities rely heavily on cloud platforms and software in the United States, such as Google, Dropbox, and Zoom; and many of their educational systems, such as canva and blackboard, to facilitate the development of teaching. Sometimes, when using these software or platforms in China, a 404 sad warning often appears⚠️ This makes students who choose to take online classes at home face many challenges when completing homework and exams.

3. Different teaching systems/environments
The environment for higher education in the United States is also very different from that in China. Even under normal circumstances, it takes half a year or even a year for foreign students to adopt to study and living in the United States. Now students, who choose to take online courses at home, are not immersed in the American education environment. Rely on a few hours of courses per day, they simply cannot fully adapt to the American college education system. This will easily lead to difficulties in becoming unacceptable for future studying.

to be continue…

I simply sorted out the technical difficulties of 2020 Fall admission and outlined the three main points of choosing online courses. Many friends would like to ask that if you choose to apply for deferred admission, why didn’t I talk about it? Don’t worry, because there are too many knowledge points, see you next time~
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