Unexpected trivia details of studying in the United States

In recent years, studying in the United States has been different for a long time. Few decades ago, there is not many people who are preparing or studying in the United States. The mystery of studying abroad in the past is now becoming clearer with the rapid development of the Internet. We can search tons of posts and information about SAT, TOEFL, U.S. Visa, etc. from Baidu, Zhihu, so that international students are no longer strange and fear of studying abroad. However, there are still some trivia details of study abroad that people ignore, maybe you did not find out.

Drying clothes on balcony

Few years ago, when I was still in the college, the mother of my classmate came to visit her daughter for a few months. Less than a month later, my friend came to tell us that she was warned by the apartment office. I thought she might turn on the smoke alarm accidentally again. Unexpectedly, her mother and she thought the dryer in the apartment was not clean. After washing the sheets, they hung wet clothes on the balcony to dry and it was reported by the neighbor. Therefore, the apartment office issued a warning to them.

Tips#1: In the United States, dryers and washing machines are very common at home. Americans are also used to throwing wet clothes in the dryer right after washing them. There are even laws in many regions that prohibit drying clothes outdoors.

No umbrella on sunny day

In Asian countries, girls like to choose to wear sun protection clothes or use umbrella on the sunny days to prevent themselves from getting tanned or sunburn. However, this is very “strange” in the United States. Americans seem to love the sun by nature. They like to sunbathe and tan themselves in bronze or wheat.

Tip #2: As the saying goes: “Do in Rome as Rome does”. You can use sunscreen to prevent sunburn instead of umbrella.

Placement tests before the university starts

When I was an international student, I overcame all obstacles and passed the TOEFL, finished the paperwork, the college application and U.S. Visa thresholds. I thought everything is done and finally I can pack my stuff, dragging my luggage and opening the classroom door of the American university directly. However, I was “shocked” by the notice in front of me: University Placement Tests! What? What? What? I have already got an offer, why is there an exam again? Will my offer be isolated if I failed the tests? Is the test difficult? Will English be more difficult than TOEFL? What if mathematics has words that I do not understand? A series of questions instantly filled my brain. I was sitting in front of the computer for a while and froze for two minutes before recovering.

Tip #3: Don’t think you can sit back and relax after getting the admission letter. You have to take and pass the university placement tests before registering courses. Don’t know what courses to be tested? Don’t know how to prepare? It doesn’t matter! Sincere Students Service has prepared 10 sets of study guide, 400+ mathematics entrance exam questions, and 800+ English entrance exam questions for you, what are you waiting for, just scan the code to receive your benefits!


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