20 May 20

Placement tests study guide

Since the last article on “Placement tests by American universities” was published last week, Sincere customer representatives have received a lot of messages online. You guys get the importance of the placement tests in a minute! A good test performance means that Few time · More efficient · No worry · Save money. Who said we, as Generation Z, are not motivated of learning and developing?
There are still a lot of motivated Generation Z!

Option #1: Online Virtual Classes
• Target customers: If you are the one with procrastination, or want to understand the key concepts of the tests, or want to meet a group of friends who will study-abroad in the U.S.
• Discount price: ¥1980/person
• Regular price: ¥3980/person
• Class start date: May 27

Option #2: Test Bank for Placement Tests
• Target customers: If you are motivated to self-study and able to finish the test bank by yourself.
• Discount price: ¥99/person
• Regular price: ¥299/person

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