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  • Evaluation

    Providing student's personality and academy evalution
    and 6-month plan based on synthetic and all-around
    SINCERE Assessment System through 20-30 mins
    online video meeting.

  • First Trimester

    Creating student's profile and arrange reasonable and
    logical SINCERE Modular Service Routine and
    SINCERE Calendar to accelerate and promote student
    overseas quality.

  • Second Trimester

    Executing life and academic onsite and online services
    based on the SINCERE Calendar in order to improve
    efficiency of overseas living and increase performance
    of overseas study.

  • Third Trimester

    Executing advanced academic and professional services and courses based on the outcome of 2nd Trimester and SINCERE Calendar in order to enhance academic knowledage and improve peer competitive power, and stand out from the competitors consequently.

  • Ongoing

    Obtain student's last performance and evaluation,
    knowing the improvement of academic and professional field, gaining the coherent and synthetic overseas-study plan based on previous services and outcome through the same SINCERE team who fully understands and comprehends the student's personality and situation.

Academic Capability Living

Service Advantage

  • Smarter Plan

    Choose the desirable service time, get the expectative
    quote, build your own package.

  • Modular Service Selection

    Choose what you need. Promote and enhance the portion
    what you would like.

  • Executive Consultants

    Our team of professionals are experienced in overseas
    college students management and master planning skills.
    We have the experience to solve problems and promote academic performance.

  • More Services, Less Worries

    The more you choose, the less you will concern. The more
    you choose, the more peaceful your overseas life will become.

  • Bridge the Communication Gap

    Become the bridge of communication between the student and the parents, break the barrier of generation cap, and strengthen the bond and relationship with the experiences and knowledge.

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What are the targeted students for the Modular package?

The Modular package is for all students who study abroad, who have great demands for some specific services in the VIP package, or has high requirements for the quality of studying abroad, goals for the future or the parents are not assured of children. The Modular package is also for those parents cannot accompany students to go overseas all the time.

What is the difference between the Modular housekeeper package and the Sincere package?

The Modular package is completely different from the Sincere package. The services of the modular package do not only cover the services already in the Sincere package. It is more in-depth and later butler services, which are richer in content and wider in scope. The biggest difference between them is that you can choose the services according to your conditions and demands, and have a stronger exclusive experience.

What is the difference between the Modular package and the VIP package?

The Modular package is more about providing some VIP services for students and parents. It only covers a small part of the VIP package, and the biggest difference is that we have equipped two VIP representatives for one student with the VIP package, and those two representatives escort all aspects of academic background, professional background, advanced education, life adaptation, and mental health. The VIP representatives spend the maximum time, resources, professional teams, philosophy, the procedure to the VIP student. The performances of the VIP package brought to students are also outstanding among the three services.

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