Sincere is your oversea full-service elite, good at solving problems, leverage abroad studying experiences, and executing the desired future.

  • Navigate

    Providing student's personality and academy evaluation based on synthetic and all-around SINCERE Assessment System through 20 mins online assessment and 20-30 mins online video meeting. Point out the direction and Position your future.

  • Personalized

    Offering comprehensive and coherent personalized pathway plan, accorded with student's demand, requirements and abilities, based on SINCERE Assessment evaluation through SINCERE team.

  • Execution

    Creating student's profile and arrange reasonable and logical SINCERE VIP Service Routine and SINCERE Calendar and executing life, academic, and professional services and courses based on SINCERE Calendar in order to optimize student's abilities, including self-study ability, critical-thinking ability, creative ability, management ability and leadership ability.

  • Promotion

    Providing suitable level of academic and professional background promotion research opportunities and summer courses based on student's evaluation, matching related area PhD and professor by TOP 30 universities with the whole process, for purpose of accomplish student's success pathway and achieve outstanding life goal.

  • Collaboration

    Providing the opportunity of academic research paper modification and publication, diverse area professional certification, and offering a unique, advanced and particular overseas-study experience.

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Sincere is your oversea full-service elite, good at solving problems, leverage abroad studying experiences, and executing the desired future…

Sincere Exclusive Overseas Security Navigate Prep Life Assistant Academic Guarantee Elite Pathway

Service Advantage

  • Advanced Oversea Promoter

    Deliver all-around college overseas-study service, overseas living adapting, academic performance promoting, professional background promoting,

  • Success Overseas Gurantee

    Guarantee academic, professional, personal ability and Fortune Global 500 enterprise certifications.

  • Scientific Management System

    Develop a synthetic, scientific and feasible International student management system by the SINCERE leader team getting through 10-year overseas-study research, college students management over 5-year.

  • Elite Consulting

    Our advanced team of professionals are experienced and enriched in overseas-study, college students management, master planning skills, and senior college academic teaching experiences.

  • Experiences Enrichment

    Enrich International student overseas experiences, break language and culture barriers between International and the domestic students, provide variable and diverse overseas living, academic and career opportunities.

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What kind of students is more suitable for the VIP package?

The VIP Package is targeted to the high-end elite family, especially students from new era elite families with high requirements and strict standards. The new era elite families are adhering to the "quality of life first", and plan their children's study abroad programs more than ten years in advance so that children can enjoy first-class educational resources, keep up with the fast-paced social rhythm, and prevent themselves and their descendants from falling behind. The current VIP customers are mainly parents who have high expectations for their children's future and are willing to make the immaterial investment in their children's various elite education.

What is the difference between the VIP package and the Modular Package?

The VIP Package has the most comprehensive services, and high-quality service representatives comparing other packages. We have provided more and better elite experts and thousands of unique overseas resources for VIP students and parents. One VIP student matches with two VIP representatives, comprehensively managing and enhancing students' academic performances, professional background, advanced education, life adaptation and social skills.

When is the best time to purchase the VIP Package?

There is no time limit for purchasing the VIP Package. However, students are required to pass the consultation and evaluation by the VIP expert before purchasing, and it usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete the structure of the package customization. Therefore, we recommend that if you are using the Sincere package, it is recommended to start consultation and evaluation for the VIP package 2-3 months before the end of the Sincere package. If you are using the Modular package, it is recommended to start consultation and evaluation for the VIP package 2 months before the end of the Modular package. If you do not have any SINCERE services, it is recommended to start your consultation and evaluation for the VIP package as soon as possible.

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