How to maintain remote and efficient communication?

2019 January
Mrs. Ma, the mother of students, asked us on We Chat:
How to maintain remote and efficient communication?

Olivia, the Overseas Living Representative of SINCERE, responded like this:
Hello Mrs. Ma,

First of all, I’m glad you followed us. As a loyal VIP customer, we appreciate for asking questions during your busy life.
I believe that when many people hear “remote”, “service” and “communication”, they will have a hint of doubt. In traditional thinking, online communication is always worse than face to face. However, with the development of technology and the generation of new thinking, online communication has played an increasingly important role in our daily life, academic promotion, and workplace development. Especially for the students and parents of the new elite era today, if you need to communicate in person every week or even every day, it drains extraordinary time and energy. Therefore, it is very important to have a smooth and effective communication platform!

##Excellent Online Persona##
Our representative team will formally communicate with students and parents only after various screening and pre-job training. Only those who are passionate about studying abroad, having a good background and enthusiastic representative will become a member of our team.
We never treat students and parents as customers because we are a family. We treat student’s confusion as our confusion, student difficulties as our difficulties, and parents’ concerns as our concerns. This is our top one team standards – empathy, which is different from sympathy. Empathy is to get rid of your existing background and put yourself completely on the other side. Sometimes we call ourselves “double-sided people” because we have both “student” and “parent” mood.
I believe that having an excellent representative team is the cornerstone of effective communication!

##Clear and Concise Language##
Both online and offline communication is inseparable from language. The biggest difference between a network language and a face-to-face language is that the network language is easy to text long and lengthy messages. In today’s fast-paced world, too sloppy words have been abandoned. Therefore, our team abandon useless or exaggerated rhetoric when conducting remote communication and express the content that students and parents want most to know in the shortest time. Even if a long text is needed to explain the problem, we have two ways to solve it: 1. Send large paragraphs of text separately, and add subtitles or numbers to make these texts more logical; 2. Over-complicated problems, we will use online voice calls explain to avoid misunderstandings. These methods make our online communication more convenient and clearer.

##Thorough Responses##
As an online customer team, we are most concerned about whether to explain all the doubts in the shortest time when explaining communication to students and parents.
We found that failure to provide in-depth and detailed explanations is a large part of customer dissatisfaction and complaints. Therefore, when training the customer team, we focus on foreseeing as much as possible the issues that customers may ask to make communication faster and more effective. In this regard, we have a clear and feasible thinking process: The person asking the question? → Question? → When will it be resolved? → Where to fix it? → Why is this resolution? → Are there any other solutions?

##Convey the Right Tone##
Online communication is different from face-to-face communication because they often lack non-verbal cues such as facial expressions, gestures, and tone. Therefore, when communicating online with students and parents, we emphasize the importance of setting the right tone of the conversation from the start. When using humorous words in a face-to-face situation may be an effective way to break the ice and strengthen the trust of students and us, but we are always careful when using these humorous languages online to avoid using a tone that is easily misunderstood (such as irony) to avoid inadvertently offending and destroying the connection.

Communication flat icon. Department leaders, laptop, presentation, gear. Teamwork concept. Can be used for topics like leadership, unit, business, analysis

The above four points are the points that our team pays attention to when dealing with remote communication. In practical applications, we have a variety of ways and forms to promote our relationship and trust with students and parents.

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