How did you respond when students were hit?

2019 December
Mrs. Gao, the mother of international students, asked us on WeChat:
How did you respond when students were hit?

Emily, the Conselor of SINCERE, responded like this:
Hello, Mrs. Gao:

First of all, I am very glad that you have been following and supporting SINCERE all the time, and I am also very happy to have communicated with you.
When a international student faces a blow, the parent of the student in China are often at a loss. More often, friends, classmates, and even teachers who are around the international students can help out in time. We are SINCERE who play these roles .

Becoming Friend The topic of becoming friends with students has been discussed in depth in a previous blog. This is the cornerstone of all our services and the key to breaking communication barriers.
Become a “friend” with students first, and then when they are hit, they will actively communicate with us, rather than our passive “squeezing” fact.
On the basis of becoming “friends”, understanding and communicating with students can help and assist them to get recovery effectively and objectively.

Understanding Objectively
After a positive communication with students, our team will discuss and exchange one or more important issues. Based on our many years of overseas study experience and rich social experience, we will create a comprehensive report of the problem, combined with the situation of the student and the family, giving a variety of solutions. At the same time, we will also send a representative to actively communicate with the parent of the student, so that the parent can comprehensively and objectively understand the situation of the student, the causes of problems, and solutions.

Resolution and Follow-Up
After the student and parent agree with our solution, we will send a representative to the student ’s university in person according to the seriousness of the problem and the physical and mental condition of the student. While caring about the mental health of the student, we can also better understand the local conditions. At the same time, it will be reported to the parent.
During the resolution process, we will have a representative to track the resolution process and student dynamics throughout the process, and timely feedback to the parents. After the completion of the solution, continue to track the issues and situations that students may encounter in the future.

I expressed the phenomena and views that have been experienced and observed over the years. Thanks very much for Miss. Xu who has been able to interact with me, and you who have read here ~ You know, the team of SINCERE has always been by your side ~

❀, –Emily

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