Sincere is your oversea full-service elite, good at solving problems, leverage abroad studying experiences, and executing the desired future.

  • Preparation

    Create student’s profile and arrange reasonable service
    calendar to help students start oversea journey

  • Month 0-2

    Providing useful, practical and effective academic,
    living and currency information and policy in the U.S.
    and China in order to reduce misunderstanding and
    confusions based on student's profile.

  • Month 2-4

    Executing all of the pre-overseas-study onsite and
    online services based on the SINCERE Calendar in
    order to get fully prepared for the overseas-study
    to the safety and efficiency premise.

  • Month 4-6

    Adapting to the overseas life, filling the cultural gap,
    being aware of weakness and advantage, gaining
    well-defined academic goals with the assistance of SINCERE team.

Study Capability Adaptation

Service Advantage

  • One Stop Service

    Deliver one-stop overseas-study starer service from receiving the U.S. college offer until arrival in the U.S.

  • Always Online

    Set up multi-countries and cities all over the world and provide 24/7 consulting team in case the emergency requests.

  • Deduct Opportunity Cost

    Offer the safeties and high-end services to start overseas-study with clear and reasonable schedule instead of trial and error.

  • All together, Fewer Time

    Value your time, take over the massy, leave you the cozy.

  • Less Workloads

    Take fully consideration about the student, parents and the quality of overseas life.

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What are the target students for the Sincere Package?

The Sincere Package is mainly targeted to students who are studying abroad for the first time. They want to have a safe and reliable experience in the United States.

What’s the difference between the SINCERE package and a single service?

Each of the services in the SINCERE package can be purchased separately. Our professional team provides students with safe and guaranteed services, making studying abroad more convenient and parents assured. However, we highly recommend that you purchase the SINCERE package for your child, which saves the tedious process of multiple separate purchases of single services, unnecessary derivation costs, and reducing the consultation time before multiple separate purchases, and avoiding the trial and error costs for single services.

When is the best time to buy the Sincere package?

We recommend that you purchase the Sincere package after receiving and confirming the admission letter from your dream university or college.

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