Do you speak for parents or students?

2019 October
Mrs. Zhao, the mother of students, asked us on We Chat:
Do you speak for parents or students?

Alison, the VIP customer manager of SINCERE, responded like this: Hello, Mrs. Zhao:

First of all, I’m glad you followed us. As a new VIP package customer, we appreciate you for asking us questions early in the service. Parents and children, the generation gap, and the differences in cognition have always been the problems that the two generations want to solve, which is also the direction we have been working hard for.
In the early service, many parents and students will talk to us separately, ask us are “which side” of? Or ask if we will snitch to parents?
These are all wrong!

##Reasons for Generation Gap##
To alleviate the problems caused by the generation gap, we must first understand the cause of the generation gap. We don’t agree to throw the responsibility to the students or the parents irresponsibly. After analyzing through big data, we conclude that there are two major reasons for the generation gap: technological development and social environment.

· Technology development

With the development of modern technology, the birth of laptops, tablets, smart phones, and various smart equipment has made today’s communication methods diverse. Compared to the tedious communication methods 20 years ago, the new generation prefers to use smart phones or tablets to chat or watch videos. Relatively their parents are “forced” to use these products. They are more likely to use smart phones to query information or work needs, and they prefer to communicate face-to-face or by phone.

· Social environment

Like technological development, the social environment experienced by the two generations is also very different. The new generations grew up to experience new things and new technologies, and most of these products appeared before they were born. They were born with intelligent technology. At the same time, they are characterized by active, assertive, and ambitious goals.
On the other hand, parents have grown up in an age when they must succeed in the work field to be the priority in life. They value one’s loyalty, responsibility, and reliability, and expect everyone to have the same values.

##Contraction of Generation Gap##
As we discussed above, the two generations have conflicts in communication. One side is earnest, hoping that their children will not make mistakes; the other side is incomprehensible and even refuses to communicate.
The contradiction between students and parents arises from differences in understanding of American society, education systems and cultures. The United States is different from movies or the media. Even first-tier cities and second- or third-tier cities have huge differences in the U.S.. However, parents rarely have the opportunity to live in the U.S. for a while due to work reasons, it is easy to misunderstand the actual situation in the United States.
In the article “What is our service process”, I said that our customer team is “double-sided” and has “two faces”. It is because we have experienced both parents and students, we have empathy for both. What we do is to become a bridge of communication and a lubricant of contradictions.

##Bridge and Lubricant##
As a customer team, we do not tell lies or talk nonsense for anyone. We are the link between communications. For example, one of our students spent all of her living expenses less than a month after she arrived in the U.S.. When she asked her father for more money, her father insisted that she was buying luxury stuff and unnecessary things and he won’t give her a penny. Later, we found out that the father had some misunderstandings about the consumption in the United States. He gave his daughter living expenses as if she were in China. After communication and explanation from our team, the father and daughter finally understood each other, and the problem of living expenses was solved smoothly.
Another example is another student living in a second-tier city in the United States and found that the dormitory and the supermarket are too far away. He has had to wait at the bus station for more an hour especially carrying many shopping bags for a year. Taxi is neither economical nor affordable, so he asked his father to buy a used car. His father interrupted him before he explained it clearly and claimed it is not necessary to buy a car for a college student. The student asked our team for help. Our representative who has lived in the U.S. for more than ten years explained to the father. The father finally understood that the child had to rush about living while studying. The problem was solved perfectly!

##Narrow the Gap##
We never promise to eliminate the generation gap, in fact, as long as life continues, the generation gap will always exist. All we have to do is to make the generation gap between students and parents as small as possible through our small efforts. We do not want to widen the generation gap due to a small misunderstanding and deepen the misunderstanding between both. Every time I saw students and parents finally understand each other, I am sincerely happy!
Thank you for reading here! I hope that after reading this blog, you will be more reassuring if you were worried and faced the generation gap problem.
The generation gap has always been a small flaw around us. It will always appear during studying abroad, but please do not enlarge them. Before the contradiction occurs, there will be a sister or brother from SINCERE to resolve it!

— Alison

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