Sincere is your oversea full-service elite, good at solving problems, leverage abroad studying experiences, and executing the desired future.

  • One Time Apply, Life Time Use

    Once apply to the Sincere Membership Card, gain the lifetime membership experience. We are your bosom and warm friends and advisors overseas with passion and enthusiasm.

  • The Excellent Overseas Gateway

    There’s more to Sincere than membership card, though. With magnificent services and an impressive array of activities on offer, Sincere caters for the whole International family and will quickly become your home from home.

  • An Experience Like No Other

    Belonging to the Sincere Membership offers members access not only to one of the world's most extraordinary International Students member clubs, but also the opportunity to experience that exclusive Sincere overseas service each and every time we come to you.

  • A Passion for International Education

    With the Sincere Membership Card, you will be never worried about the confused, disordered and insecure overseas study life. The Sincere Team provide overseas services with the passion and profession for the International Education.

We Promise

The magic of Sincere Membership Card can only truly be understood by those who have owned.

No Invisible Consumption Life Time Membership Zero Subscription Fee

Service Advantage

  • New Admitted Students Exclusive

    Four overseas study services only for new admitted International students.

  • Overseas Life Privilege

    Enjoy our valuable overseas life services discount. Save your money on apartment, vehicle-purchasing, student insurance and International flights.

  • Overseas Study Privilege

    20% discount on overseas education services to cover GRE/GMAT, private college tutorship, and TOP30 university courses. You deserve it.

  • One Card for Everything

    No invisible consumption, no worries of trial and error

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Does the Membership Card have membership fees?

No. Sincere Membership Card does not have annual fee.

What student is the SINCERE internship program suitable for?

The SINCERE internship program is suitable for students studying in the United States who need a pre-graduate internship.

What student is the SINCERE career program suitable for?

The SINCERE career program is suitable for students who are graduating or have graduated who want to work in the United States.

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