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2020, April

Mr. Qin, 2020-UNC New admitted Undergraduate Student, asked us on WeChat:

“I just heard that there is a placement tests before enrollment. What the hack is it?! I am so nervous!!!”

Anna, Overseas Study Representative, answered him,

Hello, Mr. Qin,

In fact, the US placement examination is very common, don’t panic. I know that you have just completed various SAT, TOEFL, AP and other exams, and finally got the offer lettre of dream school. And you might think that you can get rid of the exams and start to travel and play video games.

Anna is here for you and will introduce you from the following three points:

1. What are the entrance exams for American universities and why do they exist?
2. Two common entrance exams: Math + English
3. How to prepare for the entrance exam?

What is placement tests?

• Basic introduction

American universities focus on the academic achievement of each student. The firm fit between the enrolled student and the Freshmen class is an important factor in the student’s academic adaptability to the university. The College Placement Examination assesses each student’s basic skills in math, reading and writing.

• Exam format

The exam format is usually a computer-based exam, with durations ranging from 30 to 120 minutes. Normally, if a student fails to take an exam, he or she will not be able to choose courses normally.

• Test meaning

The results of the entrance exam will directly determine your available courses. In other words, if the test results are not good enough, you may be required to register for a low-level course (commonly known as: high school course); at the same time, the entrance examination will also affect the time required for you to obtain a degree and directly affect the total cost of your university education.

• Less class

The school system will limit your selection of courses based on the results of your entrance exam. If the math exam is not good, you will be forced to choose some basic math courses. Calculate how many courses you will have than your peers, resulting in tuition fees $ Is also rising.

• Early graduation

Because there are many more courses than those of the same age, and many college courses have hard requirements for the grade of study, you will open the gap with the small students who are enrolled at the beginning from the beginning, and often enter with you after four years. The students in the school have graduated, but you are still studying hard.

Test points

• Mathematics

Usually the basic mathematics exam covers the two major sections of arithmetic and algebra, and the algebra test is usually given as a separate part of the basic test.
Some upcoming students will take the advanced mathematics entrance exams, which include university algebra, geometry and trigonometry.
The three levels of testing are:
– Basic Skills-Basic Math Operation Sequence
– Application-apply basic functions to various situations
– Analysis-understanding of ratios and more complex mathematical functions

• English language

There are many different versions of the English probing test in the university probing test. Various colleges and universities have developed their own system of test questions.
However, the two main areas covered by all these exams include:
– Writing skills
– Reading comprehension

Although the format and content of the English test are similar to the TOEFL, it is designed more closely to the ability of native American students than the TOEFL test for foreigners. Therefore, some test techniques and forms are different from the TOEFL and IELTS language tests.

For example, in the writing test, the test will be different from the two major test sites of the TOEFL test:
– English Usage Test
– Sentence Correction Test

How to prepare for the entrance exam?

Preparation is the key to high score test experience

Anna agreed that the entrance examination in the United States should be taken seriously. Because it will play an important role at the beginning of your university education. Active and comprehensive preparation for the bottom-up exam can optimize your placement results.

Best Regards,


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